Professional and Qualified People.

At Little Triangles, we select individuals who are qualified and passionate about providing in service to those in need on a daily basis.

Sitra Panirsheeluam MBPsS

Sitra Panirsheeluam MBPsS

Director/ Case Manager

BSc (Hons) Psychology
Graduate Member of The British Psychological Society
Trained Applied Behavioural Analysis Therapist

Sam Jeng Mun

Sam Jeng Mun

Clinical Psychologist

Malaysian Psychology Association
Clinical Psychology
Masters of Clinical Psychology

Marta Hoilman Esq.

Marta Hoilman Esq.


Autism Treatment & Education Advocate (US)
J.D. magna cum laude Harvard Law School
A.B summa cum laude Harvard College

Service with a smile

It’s not what we do at Little Triangles, but how we do it. All of our professional services are delivered with a smile and positiveness. And we all know that a smile can be infectious.

Attentive listener

How do you like things done? Where would you like to go? Listening to your needs, and having conversations with you, helps us make sure we bring you the perfect solutions to your needs.


Whether you just need someone to take you for a walk or a to provide attentive children needs – we can provide a service and consultation that is qualified to meet your child’s needs.